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Throughout the years of operation AlenMed Promotion SIA has gathered a powerful and efficient team to be truly proud of, as well as the best experts always ready to engage into a new project and complement the team to solve the most challenging business tasks.

Vladimir Starovoitov
Elena Beimanova
Vladimir Starovoitov
Chief Executive Officer
Company strategic development, operational administration
Education: higher, lawyer (Jurisprudence). Over 14 years of experience in the pharmaceutical business (managerial positions).
EM Course graduate,  
Strategic Management and Corporate Administration
(Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS)
Foreign language: English
Elena Beimanova, M. D.  
Head of the Belarusian Representative Office
Education: higher medical, Grodno State Medical University, profile: Gynaecology
MBA, Strategic Management
(Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS)
Over 13 years of experience in the pharmaceutical business (managerial positions).
Foreign language: English
Ludmila Ijevleva 
Chief Accountant
Background: Financial Economist.
Over 15 years of experience as the Chief Accountant, International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) Certificate.
Natalia Kobilinska
Pharmaceutical Director
Responsibilities: Companys pharmacological safety Background: Pharmacist. Over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field (including managerial positions)
Inesa Kobilinska
Natalia Krylova
Forwarding Manager

Inesa Kobilinska
Office/Logistics Manager
Economist, International Transportation Manager, records management
Andrey Fomin, M. D. 
Key Account Manager (aortic and peripheral intervention, interventional radiology)
Education: higher (medical), Belarusian State Medical University, profile — General Practitioner. Open British University, profile — management.
Foreign languages: English
Elena Grabovskaya, M. D. 
Registration Manager 
Education: higher medical, Belarusian State Medical University (qualification: Hygienist). Belarusian State Economic University, 
profile — Economics.
Foreign language: English
One of the secrets of companys rapid development and high level lies in extensive employment of external experts, analysts and advisors both through outsourcing and project-based business model.
Alexander Sudilovsky
Director, Avapharma
Education: higher (economics), Belarusian State Economic University (majors: Trade/Commerce)
Natalia Solonskaya, M. D. 
Product Manager, OTC Products
Education: higher (medical), Belarusian State Medical University, profile — General Practitioner, IPM Business School, marketing.
Foreign language: English
Catherine Kostiukevich
Natalia Yurchenko  
Chief Accountant
Education: Institute of Entrepreneuship Management,
profile — Accounting and Finance.
Foreign language: English
Catherine Kostiukevich
Office Manager
Education: higher (linguistics), Minsk State Linguistic University.
Foreign languages: English, German
We are united by shared goals and priorities. We are open people and highly qualified professionals, operating in different countries and coordinating our activities to efficiently achieve our partners objectives. We are a Team.
Vitaliy Yuganovich
Logistics Manager
Education: Belarusian State University, profile — Biologist,
Foreign language: German
Catherine Shmarlovskaya
Education: Belarusian State Economic University,
profile: Finance and Loans,
Foreign language: German
Roman Ijevlev
Logistics Manager
Education: Riga Technical University. Master of Business Administration, 
Foreign languages: Latvian, English
Oleg Matskevich
Forwarding Manager
Education: Institute of Entrepreneuship,
profile — economics.