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Working meeting with Certmedica International GmbH

Ulrich Girke at the AlenMed Minsk office

Discussing Formoline

Evident advantages of the pharmaceutical

Formoline presentation for AlenMed Promotion SIA employees

Elena Beimanova, AlenMed Promotion SIA, examining Formoline L112 package

Certmedica International GmbH products

Natural fat binder from Certmedica International GmbH

Formoline new production form

Vladimir Starovoitov, AlenMed CEO, at the meeting with Ulrich Girke, Certmedica

Discovering exciting details about Formoline L112

Formoline production form of 16 tablets per pack

Going through the documentation

Yuriy Burdenkov, Customer Relations Manager, AlenMed Promotion SIA

AlenMed Promotion SIA company presentation for Ulrich Girke

Did you know that…

Pharmaceutical’s description

AlenMed Promotion SIA’s hospitality demonstrated by Vladimir Starovoitov

Business approach of Certmedica International GmbH in the person of Ulrich Girke

Ulrich Girke in the thick of the meeting

Excellent outcome of the meeting

Ulrich Girke is sharing pharmaceutical’s dosage regimens

Ulrich Girke is pleased with the meeting’s results

Imbued with friendly AlenMed office atmosphere

Elena Beimanova joined Ulrich Girke

Natalia Sokol, AlenMed

Working meeting complemented by joyful interaction

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