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News / 04 SEPTEMBER 2010

AlenMed, Baltic area: Market entry announcement of Cook Medical«s Aortic Intervention SBU

2010. In accordance with the strategic goals on business development, AlenMed enters Baltic markets by establishing a new Business Unit of Medical Devices. The new department will be based in Riga where the company has modern office and logistics and distribution facilities, including an advanced warehouse, EU-licenced for secure and reliable pharmaceuticals storage.

The new Business Unit will be dedicated to promotion and sales of medical devices to hospitals and other healthcare institutions in Baltic region.

The Baltic region encompasses three countries – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, with a total population of approx. 7 mn people. The aggregate volume of these medical devices markets is estimated at US$500 mn and has excellent growth potential.

At this highly important stage of expansion, AlenMed employed Dr. Zivile Korsakiene who has 15 years’ experience of working for international pharmaceutical companies in managerial positions. Within AlenMed Promotion SIA, she will take the leading role in market research and product portfolio development for the Baltic region. “Zivile has rich and long-standing experience acquired during her work for major companies producing medical devices, and we believe this factor will facilitate establishing and strengthening of new relationships with medical expert and scientific community. We also believe that Zivile will share her passion, experience and commitment that are rather critical for AlenMed’s further success”, says Vladimir Starovoitov, AlenMed’s CEO.

One of our top partners is Cook Medical Inc, a company among world leaders in designing, development and production of medical devices to be used in various medical areas (urology, women’s health, endoscopy, general and cardiovascular surgery, critical care, peripherall intervention and interventional radiology. Of particular interest is its Aortic Intervention SBU, involved in manufacturing of unique endovascular devices that help treat such life threatening conditions as abdominal and thoracic aortic aneurysms.

“We are very proud of our partnership with Cook and strongly believe it is giving us new opportunities for growth and expansion through innovative products”, Vladimir Starovoitov notes. “We are looking at a new challenge, and we are handling it with professionalism, as well as with the highest extent of responsibility and respect towards patients, healthcare professionals and the manufacturer.”

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