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News / 31 OCTOBER 2012

Minsk: children’s endocrinology seminar

On October 31st, 2012 specialists from various areas of medicine attended the Republican seminar “Current problems of children’s endocrinology” that was carried out in Minsk.

This event was opened by Elena Nagaeva, Russian Federation Ministry of Health and Social Development Growth Center FSBU “Endocrinology Scientific Center” Director, with her presentation on “Growth hormone in current clinical practice”. In addition to information on somatropin application based on “basic” indications (growth hormone deficiency and Turner syndrome), her message touched on clinical experience of somatropin application for patients suffering from such rare genetic disorders, as Prader-Willi syndrome, Seckel syndrome, and somatropin receptor deficiency. Special attention was placed on the problem of termination of state financial support allocated for the treatment of this group of patients once they turn 18 years old.

Belarus State Medical University psychiatry and medical psychology department assistant professor, Tatiana Emeliantseva’s report on “Formation mechanisms of compulsive overeating in morbidly obese children” provoked keen interest. Her message contained assessment of children obesity from the point of view of possible abnormalities of dofamin and serotonin systems as well as “parents’ mistakes” in their child’s upbringing.

However, it should be noted that beside specialists in pediatrics, the seminar was attended by gynecology and obstetrics professor, Peresada O.A., with his report on “Adolescent females preparation for reproduction”, gynecology and obstetrics department assistant, Kudina O.L., with report on “Secondary amenorrhea”, anesthesiology and intensive care assistant professor, Mironov L.L., with report on “Comatose conditions in diabetes mellitus in children”, as well as by RSPC “Mother and Child” genetics specialists ( associate professor Rumiantseva N.V., chief freelance HA BY genetics specialist, Naumchik I.V., research associate Hurs O.M., with report on “Genetic obesity syndromes in children”).

More than 100 medical doctors and medical students convened to take part at the seminar.

Children’s endocrinology is considered a forward looking and rapidly developing discipline and in this respect Belarus is not an exception from the rule. Belarusian endocrinologists are frequently attending world congresses and symposia with their reports, and hold local conferences with foreign guest speakers.

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