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News / 11 JUNE 2015

The Annual EAU Congress

European Association of Urology (EAU) is one of today's leading scientific organization in Europe of which every urologist can become a member. Association members are to solve specific tasks while fulfilling the main mission of EAU – improving the quality of urological care in Europe. Thus, the main purposes of EAU are as follows: organization operation as of the agency of all urologists in Europe, facilitation to the development of urology, as well as implementation of medical standards into urological care in Europe. Reaching of these goals can be realized via different scientific, educational and publicistic activities including organization of conferences and congresses with educational sections and distribution of medical literature and clinical recommendations. EAU Congress established for these particular purposes was held in Madrid on 20-24 March 2015.

Cook Medical has been developing cutting edge products improving the quality of urological care for the past 35 years and participated at this year's Congress. The most important goal of Cook Medical is the development of the innovative products designed to address patients’ needs in the quickest and most efficient way.

Second year in a row Cook Medical brings in its partners to work at the congress booth so that participants could receive product information in their own language. AlenMed’s representatives alongside with Cook Medical employees worked together at the booth this year. Russian-speaking visitors were pleasantly surprised by professionalism of AlenMed’s team.

At the Cook Medical booth participants of the congress could get acquainted with the new product - Deflecting Endoscopic System Flexor Vue – a cost effective device designed for use during urological procedures for easy navigation and visualization. Flexor Vue system consists of advanced deflecting sheath Flexor 180™ which provides access to ureter and visualization device VueOptic™. The distinctive feature of the system is the single-use Flexor 180 sheath and VueOptic which can be used up to 10 times. Using of new sterile sheath in each procedure allows physicians to decrease the risk of patient-to-patient contamination and number of complications. Flexor Vue system is becoming more and more popular in European clinics which is why it was decided that it should be implemented in the practice of Belarusian urologists. After the congress, Cook Medical regional manager Laurent Massart visited Belarus and held an educational workshop on practical application of Flexor Vue for urology department physicians of Minsk Regional Hospital. During the workshop concrete steps of this treatment method implementation into practice were discussed.

Participation in such a high-profile international medical event as EAU Madrid 2015 became a very important and useful event for the whole team of AlenMed Promotion.

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