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News / 15 JULY 2015

ESHRE 2015

On 14-17 June 2015 in Lisbon the 31st annual ESHRE conference took place. The conference gave an opportunity to get acquainted with the newest approaches in treatment and diagnostics of infertility presented by Merck Serono, COOK Medical and Lenus Pharma.

AlenMed’s team that helps implement innovative medical solutions in the field of infertility treatment regularly attends events organized by ESHRE. This post will shed the light on the most interesting latest offers by Merck Serono, COOK Medical and Lenus Pharma unveiled at ESHRE 2015.

Ìårck Serono had on display a few innovative products:

- the world's first fully automated vitrification instrument GAVI which allows to shorten 57 minute manual vitrification procedure down to 21 minutes, ensure reliable control and compliance with required vitrification parameters;

- benchtop incubator GERI with 6 individually controlled incubation chambers per patient to minimize disruptive events to the early-stage embryo, control CO2 level in real time and prepare the required mixture of gas. Incubator has protection from temperature fluctuations and incorporates a camera system to capture images of embryos as they develop.

- EEVA-test utilizes proprietary software that automatically analyzes embryo development against scientifically and clinically cell-division timing parameters. The Eeva Test provides quantitative data for each embryo’s development potential, so that IVF clinicians can optimize the treatment plan for their patients undergoing IVF procedures. Eeva System is the first-of-a-kind in its class and already received FDA approval and CE-mark.

Merck Serono satellite symposium was dedicated to the topic of matching treatment to a single patient to maximize the success of Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Dr. Filippo Ubaldi, Director of the Reproductive clinic in Rome, presented a speech «Identifying most clinically significant biomarkers of ovarian response», Dr. Peter Humaidan, professor of the University fertility clinic (Denmark) delivered the report «Diagnostics and treatment of the patients with low response to ovarian stimulation». Dr Natalia Basile, leading embryologist of the Fertility Institute (Spain), highlighted today’s approaches to customization of lab technologies in order to maximize successful outcome of modern ART.

Traditionally COOK Medical put on display IVF products for use by fertility specialists: oocyte aspiration needles, insemination catheters, ICSI pipettes and embryo transfer catheters. Guardia embryo transfer catheter with a special curve for easy advancing through the cervix in two sizes of 24 and 30 cm was exhibited to the visitors.

Lenus Pharma focusing on the development and manufacture of dietary foods with medicinal purpose in the new issue of PROMAN magazine on male infertility issues presented data of the clinical trials of Profertil confirming high efficacy thereof in the treatment of primary and secondary male infertility. Everybody could receive Profertil samples and an issue of PROMAN magazine (including a Russian-language issue).

On top of the busy scientific program, during conference opening ceremony participants had a chance to enjoy traditional Portuguese music genre Fado which is inscribed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.

Time spent at ESHRE 2015 instilled into participants new fruitful ideas and inspired them to strive for even bigger achievements in solving the problems of the reproductive health.

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