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News / 27 OCTOBER 2015

Prevalin launch conference

On October 13, 2015 at President hotel in Minsk the conference źAllergic rhinitis, urgency of an issue. Innovative treatments╗ took place.

According to World Health Organization every forth human being (25% of population) suffers from allergic rhinitis. Epidemiologic research show growing prevalence of such disorder which affects 40% of the children.

Allergic rhinitis on its own or concomitant with other disorders affects the quality of life: decreases learning and working capacity, disrupts sleeping.

Special attention should be given to socio-economic factor of allergic rhinitis. Annual costs related to diagnostics and treatment of patients amounts to Ô ł1,5-2 bln in Europe and $5,6 bln in the US. Number of missed school days in the United States alone exceeds 2 mln a year.

That is why the conference held in Minsk was dedicated to this problem and innovations in treatment of allergic rhinitis.

Over 80 specialists from Belarus partook in the conference: allergists, ENT doctors and pediatricians from different healthcare facilities from all regions of the republic.

Conference program included speeches of leading allergology practitioners which touched on such issues as urgency of allergic rhinitis, advanced approaches to diagnostics and treatment of children.

During the conference a special report was dedicated to innovative (etiopathogenesis) approach to allergy treatment. Professor Joerg Gruenwald from Germany, a co-developer of Prevalin (Omega Pharma), delivered a detailed overview of current treatment options of allergic rhinitis and presented Prevalin ľan innovative nasal spray, first in the class of allergens elimination. He also referred to the data of European clinical research which indicate that use of Prevalin cuts in half the oncoming of therapy effect and significantly reduces the need for other medicines, i.e. by 2,8 times in case of nasal corticosteroid hormones and by 3,4 times for antihistamines. Prevalin prevents allergens from entering the bloodflow and thereby stops allergic reaction from developing on nasal mucosa. Presented data demonstrated that Prevalin is an effective remedy for allergenic rhinitis. It works well on its own and in combination with other medicines.

Conference participants showed a lot of interest in the novel treatment method of allergic rhinitis which was backed up by lively discussions and a lot of questions asked on use of Prevalin in medical practice.

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